25 September 2010

my chuseok

chuseok is the korean equivalent of thanks giving in the usa... but its 3 days long in korea. so i went to work on monday, went to las pinas to drink n eat n shoot n go shopping for camera stuff from tuesday to thursday, and worked again last night. most of my students were still on vacation mode so i just had 1 class. here's what i've been eating n doin for this holiday.

had tea with the meal below... 2 sets of dumplings and a large bowl of soup, all just for me!

a quiche from mc cafe at 11pm

korean food on wednesday night

my wingman all throughout chuseok... jovz... this was him when he was still P7000 richer before he got himself an sb600, and before i got my 2 lenses. see, guys go shopping too... for cameras :D

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